hi folks, i’m Eric…. this is me:







as you can see, i’m pointing at you. it’s on purpose. let me explain…

i decided to start this blog thing so i could say more stuff about more stuff…. but it occurred to me that in my other forum of saying stuff (facebook), that the most important stuff in my little musingsĀ  is you… not me. i feed off what i see, read, hear, smell, and touch every day. those things come from you. some of those things make me happy…. other things piss me off. but if there wasn’t you then there would just be me… me thinking the way i think, seeing things as i see them…. which is fine i guess, but it’s much more fun with you. you people teach me things, open my eyes to things, argue with me about things, tell me things, and listen to my things…

and without those things, there would be no stuff. and i like stuff. i’m glad there’s stuff.

so keep giving me things and i’ll keep giving you stuff… deal?

i love you guys and all that stuff..

thanks people



2 Responses to About

  1. Charlie Goddard says:

    Thinking you look good in that picture.

  2. surfraptor says:


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