What to Expect

hiya folks…

just wanted to let everyone know, that when reading my posts, you will notice all kinds of technical errors….. i rarely capitalize anything, i use punctuation poorly or incorrectly, i mis-spell from time to time, and there are probably a ton of typos that i was just to lazy to go back and fix….also, most of my paragraphs are just one long run-on sentence.

is it unprofessional and annoying to the reader? … you bet it is. but i type how i talk, and i’m not planning on changing anytime soon.. sorry, you just got to deal with it. rest assured though, that i do read my stuff before i post it, and if it sounds good in my head, then it gets posted. that’s my extensive editing process.

…as far as the subject matter, i just type about what i’m doing or thinking at the moment, or what is on my mind or what i feel like talking about. there’s no rhyme or reason. i do however try to post stuff i think readers would find interesting or funny… maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but at least i thought about it.

i will, in the future, have some guest writers contribute to my page, and i hope their professionalism will counter-act my messiness just enough to keep this thing afloat. if you’d like to contribute something to “here for the people”, let me know.. i’d love to have you. i’d like to assemble a “panel of experts” of sorts.. so please apply within.

…also, if there’s a topic or something you think i should write about, let me know. this is a two way street here, and i’m always open for suggestions.

so there you have it… i hope you guys find this as fun as i do… that’s why i do it…..

i’m here for the people

you’re welcome,


p.s. i also swear a lot.


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